MORE™ Rater - Rehab Specialists

NB: MORE raters must be an occupational or physical therapist in a clinical setting, or a clinical practice leader or a  manager directly supervising clinical care.

The MORE (McMaster Online Rating of Evidence) Rehab system is part of a three-step process for identifying high-quality articles for rehab specialists in clinical practice:

  1. The Critical Appraisal Process (CAP) is the first step where high-quality articles are gleaned from the large volume of published articles in more than 120 journals that are hand searched by research associates specially trained in methods criteria.
  2. MORE Rehab, described in greater detail below, is the second step of this process where the articles that pass the CAP step are rated for relevance and newsworthiness.
  3. McMaster PLuS is the 3rd and final stage of the process where high-quality, highly rated articles are disseminated through a range of end products that alert end users to important articles in their clinical specialties.

Please see this Overview for a more detailed description of how the CAP, MORE, and PLuS processes work.

As a MORE Rehab rater, you will be sent by email a notice that an article is available for you to rate. The article will match at least one of your practice specialties and patient populations. You control the number of articles you rate each month by indicating this in your MORE profile (e.g., one article/month).

When you receive a rating request email, you will look over the article online and rate it on two 7-point scales (Sample Rating Form):

  • one for relevance to your clinical practice
  • one for newsworthiness (i.e., Is this "news", or something my colleagues in my specialty already know?)

We'll collate your ratings with ratings from at least two of your colleagues in the same specialty and use the ratings to:

  • build an evidence-based database (e.g., REHAB+)
  • choose the most pertinent articles for evidence-based information services (see How Ratings Are Used for other services fed by the ratings in MORE Rehab)
  • show you how other rehab specialists in your specialty rated the same article
  • send you a Participation Letter to include in your practice portfolio indicating the number of articles rated for the previous year
  • show you the highest rated articles in your specialty area

To learn more about MORE, see How Ratings Are Used and MORE Features

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