About MORE

The Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University has developed the McMaster Online Rating of Evidence (MORE) system to help define the best research to support evidence-based clinical practice, tailored to the individual interests of clinicians. New medical knowledge advances quickly and the marriage of the "Internet Age" and evidence-based medicine makes it potentially easier for health care practitioners to keep up, through matching high quality evidence with individual practice needs.

Our Objective

We aim to supply clinicians with a finite, very manageable stream of high-quality, highly relevant medical literature, replacing the 'infinite', unmanageable flood of articles that are of lower quality and relevance for clinical care.

Our objective is to help more clinicians keep up to date, in much less time. Our criteria for inclusion of articles in the MORE system can be found at Inclusion Criteria. To these criteria, we add ratings by clinicians, using the MORE system, to determine relevance to clinical practice and interest for specific clinical disciplines. To become a contributor to MORE, please contact us.

MORE information:

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