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Health Information Research Unit

The Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) in the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department at McMaster University conducts research in the field of health information science and is dedicated to the generation of new knowledge about the nature of health and clinical information problems, the development of new information resources to support evidence-based health care, and the evaluation of various innovations in overcoming health care information problems.

Our Mission… to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care by providing innovative evidence-based information products and systems to health professionals, patients, policy makers, and the public.

Nancy Wilczynski Nicholas Hobson Jean Mackay Angela Eady Rick Parrish Ann McKibbon Norma Brown Brian Haynes Susan Marks Chris Cotoi Laurie Gunderman Linda Sheridan Rovena Tey Jennifer Lawson Xiaomei Yao Cynthia Lokker